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TWO HATS -- networking dinner for peers who are also providers.

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CFAR Coalition for Fresh Air Rights new website
(Co-sponsored by Disability Law Center and M-POWER)

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More articles on the way--for VFC #12, Fall 2005 Issue--soon!

Article on upcoming changes to Masshealth, Medicare

M-POWER partners to achieve TRANSFORMATION of the MA M.H. System

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Former mental health worker apologizes for: "being part of such an inhumane(treatment) environment."

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Statement of Purpose: M-POWER is a member run organization of mental health consumers and current and former psychiatric patients. We advocate for political and social change within the mental health system, the community, city, and statewide. Organizing as a common voice, we claim and secure our human rights. We promote free access to information about those rights. We stand against stigma, bigotry,and discrimination that impede our ability to live as dignified people. We enlighten mental health professionals and the community with the truth about our lives, empowering ourselves in the process. We believe all people are entitled to lives free of prejudice and oppression.


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