E-mail lists dealing with Mental Health Issues in Massachusetts which you may join!

There are four e-mail lists dealing with mental health issues in Massachusetts and a fifth concerned with politics and mental health. You have the opportunity to join these lists through the Yahoo!/eGroups service. Subscriptions are free, and as a subscriber you are given three options for receiving your messages. (1) Receiving each e-mail as they are posted to the list. (2) Receiving a daily digest message of the entire day's e-mail. (3) By visiting the Yahoo!/eGroups website and choosing which messages you want to read without receiving them as e-mail. Recently eGroups became part of Yahoo! Signing is free and easy.

MHconsumer-MA is designed for important announcements of interest to mental health consumers in Massachusetts or of general mental health interest. It currently averages 3-5 emails per day and only moderators will be able to post. This is the original MA-MAD list for those who knew it by that name. If you only want to subscribe to one list, this is it!

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MHconsumer-MA-original is similar to MHconsumer-MA, but anyone can post to this list, however emails are currently rare.

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MHconsumer-ma-discuss is the list where issues are to be discussed among the mental health community in Massachusetts. One caveat, there are many NON-consumers on the list who do regularly read these e-mails. But that's a plus, because it means our voices are being HEARD. So sign up and speak up! Click on the link provided.

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The newest list is called MA-PSYCH-SURVIVORS. Survivors of MH Services Unite!

MA-PSYCH-SURVIVORS is designed for all people who have used services in the Massachusetts Mental Health System. This could include therapy, hospitalization (public or private), clubhouse, day treatment, etc. Everyone's experience is unique. While improving services is a laudable goal, it is understood that some individuals have received care that they may not be very happy about. That is sad and the moderator would like to say that all viewpoints are welcome on this list. However, personal attacks will NOT be tolerated. Currently email volume is low.

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MH-POLITICS is a list for talking about Mental Health issues and Politics!

This list is moderated by Massachusetts's own Howard D. Trachtman but it also has a national and international following. Hopefully people will be respectful of each other and not 'flame' each other.

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If you are looking for more mental health information in Massachusetts, you may also want to check out the website of the statewide mental health advocacy organization: M-POWER, Inc. voice phone: 617-929-4111 The first four lists are designed to share information about Mental Health topics that are specifically of interest to people who live in Massachusetts. The lists also are expected to be used so consumers can support one another towards recovery. Some e-mails aren't really Massachusetts specific but should be of interest due to their nature in general.

All lists are currently hosted at Yahoo!/eGroups. NOTE: Because this is a FREE service, Yahoo!/eGroups adds an advertisement to the end if each posting. This is done by Yahoo!/eGroups, and no consumers have any control over the content of those ads...

All four original lists are e-mail discussion lists for Consumers/Survivors/Expatients of Mental Health Services in Massachusetts. Family members and advocates are also welcome to subscribe. This forum enables C/S/X'ers to stay in touch with each other, to network about issues pertaining to mental illness, to share information, and to provide support. More specifically, it offers Massachusetts consumers a chance to discuss consumer-run activities and events throughout the state, as well as to share advocacy and involvement issues related to the new managed mental health care system. The original 'MA-MAD' list was started in June of 1998.

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