M-POWER is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which does mental health advocacy.
Due to our non-profit status, contributions are tax-deductable.
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We also work on major campaigns. Recent successes include:

We have regular chapter meetings at our three offices: (call for more information)
  • We now have NEW TOLL FREE PHONE NUMBER: Please use only if it isn't a local call.
    This phone number is (877)769-7693.
    (If you are calling on the toll-free number, please let us know.
    We will call you back at our expense.) Please say you saw us on the Internet!!
    Send mail to our Statewide coordinator: Deborah Delman. or call her at our Boston chapter: (617) 929-4111 x304

    1998 M-POWER Board President & Webmaster: Howard D. Trachtman ( or call him at our Boston chapter: (617) 929-4111 x321

    M-POWER's complete mission statement.

    M-POWER is a member-run organization of mental health consumers and current and former psychiatric patients. We will advocate for political and social change within the mental health system and the community, city and statewide. Organizing as a common voice, we will define and secure our human rights and facilitate freedom of information about those rights. We will take a stand on all issues that impede our ability to live as dignified people. We will enlighten mental health professionals and the community, empowering ourselves in the process. We believe all people are entitled to lives free of prejudice and oppression.