Howard D. Trachtman, B.S. is the Executive Director of the Consumer Computer Training Initiative.

You may contact Mr. Trachtman at M-POWER, 617-929-4111 x321 or at home: 781-642-0368.
or by US Mail to: Howard D. Trachtman, 3 Charles Street Av, Apt. E, Waltham MA 02453
or by e-mail to: (Howard D. Trachtman)

Consumer Computer Training Initiative (CCTI)

Currently last updated: March 20th, 2001.

The Consumer Computer Training Initiative (CCTI), was initially funded in 1999 by OCER. OCER is the Office of Consumer and Ex-Patients Relations of the Department of Mental Health here in Massachusetts. The CCTI was funded with $5,000. but did not spend the full amount. The CCTI trained two batches of students (all consumers) on how to use the Internet. The first batch of students were trained on a shared computer at the Supported Education/Education (SEE) program operated by SMOC . The second batch of students were able to each have their own computer sharing a high speed connected at the Charles River Public Internet Center . Once graduated, the students are scheduled to attend graduation ceremonies with the Commissioner of Mental Health Marylou Sudders. In the process, the goal of CCTI is to train some consumers to become instructors in order to teach even more consumers how to utilize the Internet. Also it is planned to teach more advanced skills such as website design in the future.

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